Mayan Artifacts – were you right?

Look at the answers to the Mayan artifacts – did you guess correctly what each object was used for? If you did, make sure to right ‘I was correct’. If you didn’t quite guess correctly, right in the actual use in the right hand column.


mayan 1

A Mayan calander used by priests to plan festivals and sacrifices.


mayan 2

The hoop for a ‘Pok-a-Tok’ ball game. Rich people played this and went to watch others play it.

3. mayan 3

A Jade pendant which would have been extremely expensive and worn by a King.

4. mayan 5

Heavy stone protective gear. This would have been worn by athletes to protect them during games such as Pok-a-Tok.


mayan 6

This is a drinking cup for a King. The drawings on the cup show he drank cocoa from this cup.

6. mayan 7


This is an ocarina, a musical instrument. Rich people would have played these instruments.

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