The Magna Carta

Today is a very special day for British history. Can you find out why? Read the links on the blog and answer the following questions. 1. What is the Magna Carta? 2. Why is today an important day in Magna Carta history? Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Happy reading!

Mayan Artifacts – were you right?

Look at the answers to the Mayan artifacts – did you guess correctly what each object was used for? If you did, make sure to right ‘I was correct’. If you didn’t quite guess correctly, right in the actual use in the right hand column. 1. A Mayan calander used by priests to plan festivals […]

Miss Bridge’s Numeracy Set Challenge

For term dates click here. Make sure you look at the right year! Click here to visit a useful website for booking flights – you can check if they are direct as well. Theme Park Options Disneyland Paris  Disneyland Florida Disneyland  Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Florida You may […]

Planning a Holiday Project

Your challenge is to plan a holiday for Mr Smith and his family! This is a competition and Mr Smith is looking for the best idea! Use these holiday websites to research different types of holiday options. Remember, the flight can’t be more than 4 hours long – so I don’t expect to see any […]