Click on the link to read on the latest news. Pick the article you find the most interesting and explain what happened on a comment on this blog.

18 thoughts on “Newsround

  1. There is going to be a big beach inspection of all of the beaches in England . They will check if the beaches are very safe and clean .


  2. Everyone, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news… Harry Shearer, the infamous voice of Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and Principle Skinner … has quit The Simpsons!
    I’m sure we are all devastated, but we’ve got to keep strong and fight this grief, and I’m sure this means the END OF THE SIMPSONS!!!


  3. I thought the most intresting thing was when the greedy snake gobbles barbecue tongs. On Newsround they have said a python had to have an operation eating barbecue tongs.


  4. The story that I found the most fascinating was about a snake. The snake’s owner, who was called Winston, was feeding the snake with barbecue tongs and the snake gobbled down the tongs too. It is currently recovering well in a hospital in Australia.


  5. One article from newsround with I found interesting was the one about Liverpool FC. Their captain Steven Gerrard AKA Stevie Gis leaving Liverpool and going to America,his last game tomorrow is against Crystal Palace.


  6. In Australia, a snake’s owner was feeding the snake it’s dinner, when the snake ate the barbecue tongs as well.He had an operation and is recovering well.


  7. A racing car driver called Helio had his car crashed and it also started flying but Helio walked out safely with no injuries.


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