Art Project

1. Pick your favourite onomatopoeia word – it could be from this list. Whaam Tinkle Bang Smash Growl Pop Crunch Hiccup Crash Bash Clang Pow Crack Splat Boom Crackle Slam Flash Squelch Whiz Zoom Slap Thunk Honk Splash Wham Swish Bong Wallop Splodge Bosh Slurp Buzz Roar 2. Write it out in bubble writing in […]

Roy Lichtenstein

Our Art project for the next week is based on the wonderful works of the talented artist Roy Lichtenstein. Click on the links below to learn all about him and his art. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

David Hockney Project

David Hockney created beautiful digital paintings – he chose to ‘paint’ items that were special to him, for example the flowers on the windowsill that reminded him of his childhood. Your task is to create a digital painting of something personal and special to you. If you want to research an image on google and […]

Sats Week

Tomorrow we begin Sats with the reading test. Make sure you get an early night’s sleep tonight so you are refreshed and ready to wow in the test! Remember, you can come to school at 8:30 tomorrow morning and we will provide a delicious breakfast for you. It’s a good idea to come in at […]