Click on this link to read the Easter Story and this link and this link to read about the traditions of Easter. Answer the following questions – comment them on this blog. 1. How did Easter get its name? 2. What happened on Good Friday? Why is it called Good Friday? 3. What happened on Easter […]

Easter Revision

Over Easter you will receive a folder of Maths, SPaG and reading revision to complete over half term. I understand that you have lots of work right now and you probably feel a little like this poor hamster .. Remember, you have two whole weeks to do your revision. Try to work through your your booklet, […]

The Solar Eclipse

Read up on the links and watch the videos to read all about the solar eclipse happening today! BBC link  Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 5 Write a comment on this post, explaining in your own words exactly what a solar eclipse is! Include […]

Was it the pigeon’s fault?

Click on the image of the pigeon to watch a funny video. Do you think the pigeon was to blame for this mishap? Or was the spy at fault? Write a persuasive argument with your opinion. Remember to include persuasive language, for example: I strongly believe that… Research shows that… Evidence suggests that…. It could be argued […]

Belated Red Nose Day Photos! 

There were some seriously funny faces in 6EB last Friday…. all to raise money for Comic Relief, a charity which tries to get children in Africa an education.  Well done 6EB, you made your faces funny and helped to raise loads of money!   

What if…?

It’s Science Day on Wednesday (yahoo!). To celebrate, have a think about this Scientific puzzle…. What do you think would happen if everyone on our planet (all 7 billion of us) jumped 30cm high in the air all at the same time? Would the Earth move? Would it cause an earthquake? What do you think? […]