Science – air resistance

Yesterday we carried out a Science Investigation to understand the force of gravity and its effect on Earth.  Watch this video with Dick and Dom to refresh your memory on Isaac Newton and how he discovered that gravity acts on the Earth. Video here.

Air resistance is another really important force acting on Earth. Watch the following videos, read the following links and post me a comment explaining what air resistance is. Use scientific vocabulary and try to include some subordinate clauses to uplevel your writing!

Link 1 

Video 1

Secondary School Link – this link is much  more complicated. Only use this is you already have a good understanding of how friction and gravity work!

3 thoughts on “Science – air resistance

  1. Air resistance is a type of friction that slows down planes and other objects that move in the air. This occurs because whilst objects move through the air, they push it aside, slowing themselves down. There are specially shaped objects described as “streamlined” that cut through the air rather than displacing it, subsequently cancelling out the loss of speed. Planes use air resistance to their advantage; their wings are cleverly built so that the air resistance puts pressure onto the bottom of the wings, creating a different force – lift. Also, on the back of some sports cars are spoilers, which create the opposite force, funnily enough called downforce! This applies force and weight to the rear of the vehicle, allowing better control, easing corners in the track.


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