This half term we will be playing Tag Rugby on Friday afternoon. Watch this video of Year Six last year playing it to get an idea of what’s in store.. Now watch this video to familiarise yourself with the rules of Rugby.

Handwriting Competition!

Is your handwriting beautiful?! Do you think you have what it takes to enter a handwriting competition?! If you win, you will win £150 for school and get your own mystery prize and certificate! To enter:  If you are ten years old, come and ask me for a copy of a poem, which you have to […]


In Geography we have been learning about erosion and the impact this has on coastlines in the UK. Watch this video to refresh your memory if you can’t remember what erosion is! Today we are going to learn all about a town called Happisburgh (pronounced Haze Bru!). This town suffers from rapid erosion which means […]

Happy Half Term!

Year Six, you have worked so hard this half term and you all really deserve a break! Make sure you chill out and have some fun this holiday. However, it’s really important to make sure you do your homework – SATS are only 10 weeks away and the homework we have given you is designed […]

Science – air resistance

Yesterday we carried out a Science Investigation to understand the force of gravity and its effect on Earth.  Watch this video with Dick and Dom to refresh your memory on Isaac Newton and how he discovered that gravity acts on the Earth. Video here. Air resistance is another really important force acting on Earth. Watch […]

6EB won the attendance award!

Congratulations 6EB! We have won the best attendance In Year Five and Six and that means we can have a reward afternoon this Friday. We have chosen to bring our gadgets in to play with friends, as well as sweets and drinks to eat. Later in the afternoon we will play football in the cage […]

E Safety Day

Today, Tuesday 10th February, is Safer Internet Day. This important day raises awareness of using the internet safely. Click on the links below to read all about this! Link 1 Link 2