Neil Armstrong: A synopsis

Click on the photo of Neil Armstrong to take you to a biography all about his life. You are to write a synopsis (overview) summarising his life – including his greatest accomplishments and any other information you find interesting. Think about your high level features of writing – paragraphing for effect and a range of sentence […]

Warhol and Pop Art

Please create an observational drawing of one of Warhol’s iconic everyday images. Click on the links below to choose your image. Banana  Soup Tin Coca Cola Bottle Rubix Cube  Converse Trainers

British Values – Democracy.

20th January was a very important day in the UK – Democracy Day! Therefore this afternoon for collective worship we will be looking at democracy, which is a really important British value. Definition of Democracy. In a democracy, the government is elected by the people.  Everyone who is eligible to vote has a chance to […]

R.E. – The Ten Commandments

Read the following links to learn all about The Ten Commandments, which were a set of rules God told Moses to give to the people to help them live their lives properly. (Remember, we learnt all about Moses last week!) Once you have read the links, pick the three commandments that you think are the […]