Christmas around the world

Use the links below to find out how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Choose your favourite country and comment in a paragraph explaining how they celebrate Christmas

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

5 thoughts on “Christmas around the world

  1. In Brazil Christmas is one of the most biggest celebrations . An old legend says that on Christmas even the animals talk to each other obout how Jesus died.On Christmas they eat roast turkey,vegetables and they also give fruit to the poor.For there proper Christmas dinner they will have chicken rice and kidney beans.Sadley most kids in Brazil do not receive gift even they pray for them.Charities try to raise money for them especially the kids on the street the kids still pray for Santa to come but they still don’t get gifts.


  2. In France they decorate their house by putting a nativity crib in it.In France they say merry christmas like joyeux noël.they have a cake called Yule log and they often burn it on a fire.Santa in French is called pere noël.french christmas dinner is ate on Christmas Eve not Christmas Day.


  3. In Australia Christmas comes in the summer holidays !!!!!!!!
    They also have competitions to see who has the best light display for charity.
    Australians hang wreaths on their front door.


  4. The country that I’m doing is France.In France Joyeux Noël means merry Christmas,in Marseilles they sell Nativity figures.On December the 6th Santa claus gives them small gifts and presents.In other parts of the country,children place their shoes by the fire and wake up on Christmas Day to find them filled with presents from Santa.Christmas day is mainly a day of celebration for children.In France they mainly sing vive le vant that means jingle bells.


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