Science homework – inheritance

Watch this video on facial features:

Facial Features

When you have watched the clip, comment below and discuss which facial features you have inherited from your parents. What physical aspects do you have in common with your family? What are some of the differences?

11 thoughts on “Science homework – inheritance

  1. I have inherited Brown eyes and black hair.My mother has dark brown skin and my father has white skin so I am mixed race.I am atopic and I suffer from asthma and Those are both traits passed down through my family line.


  2. I have brown eyes just like my mother. I also have dark brown hair like both my mother and father. My mother has dark skin and my father has white skin that is why I am mixed race.


  3. I look a lot like my dad e.g. Same nose, same eyes, same hair (when he was young), same characteristics. I get my personality from both my parents e.g my dads humoristic side and my mothers hard working side. A family trait is probably that we all look the same.e.g same hair, skin colour and personality. We all love technology and we are very religious, we are very stylish and most of the children are spoilt and boisterous. However, we all love each other because we a FAMILY!!! 🙂


  4. I have same eye colour as my dad and my dads skin colour is a bit darker than mine an my mums skin colour is dark white and I Dont have same eye colour as my mum cose she has grey eves


  5. I have inherited brown eyes tall height thick black hair.I have also inherited skinny and long fingers.I have inherited light brown skin from my mum.I have dust allergy like my mum.


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