Independence Time Challenge

Look at the Year 6 spelling display. Can you put any of the words into sentences and comment them on this post?

If you aren’t sure what they mean – look them up in the dictionary!

Be creative and try and uplevel your sentences… ticks are up for grabs! 

5 thoughts on “Independence Time Challenge

  1. As the forty amateur soldiers began to harass the woman about insufficient blackouts, her secretary became aggressive and sang an annoying song,which really had rhythm!

    -Anand! (That was fun to write.)


    • Then, her stomach started to rumble, and she gave an explanation of the familiar looking dogs. They were foreign, from Egypt. Suddenly, lightning struck outside and her fake identity had been blown! Now, she was desperate for the twelfth yacht to arrive to collect the neighbours,which were inconveniently in their fake Anderson shelter.


  2. Immediately,Bob sprinted to his car ,he needed that golden vegetable.It was there for FREE at the city centre ,if he got that excellent vegetable he would be rich!


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