Monday In outdoor P.E , we have been doing netball! In these pictures we are practicing our throwing skills! This is us in assembly! Thank you for looking!You can post a comment if you want to! By Preet and Laiba!!!😜Hopefully you will…if you don’t…….😱

Eco Warrier

Yousuf has been elected our new eco-warrier. Go Yousuf, Go Yousuf! Click on the link below to read about a serious problem our world is facing – the temperature is increasing, which means the ice is melting. If the ice melts, the water from them might flood small islands. Also, where will the polar bears, penguins, […]

1940’s Music

Today we have been using our iPads to research famous hits from the 1940’s. A personal favourite of Miss Bridge’s…. It’s the one and only Glenn Miller! In The Mood was released in 1941. What do you think of it? Grammar question: why have I written In The Mood in italics and capitals?

The Blitz

Yikes! I wouldn’t have wanted to be in London at the time of The Blitz! Read the following links for lots of information about this dangerous time. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6

Weekly Spellings

1. average 2. awkward 3. bargain 4. bruise 5. category 6. cemetery 7. committee 8. communicate 9. competition 10. conscience Why don’t you write these words into sentences and post then on the blog? Practise them regularly – test next Wednesday!